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Home Decor, Home Improvement, Cleaning, Organizing, and Buyer’s Guide for home products are the areas we cover here on CleanCil.

We are a team of passionate writers having a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aforementioned areas, and we’re using this platform to share everything that we know with you. 

We hope to nurture a symbiotic relationship with our readers! That they find the platform useful and serviceable, and at the same time, leave their personal knowledge and experience through the comment section for us to benefit from! 

At CleanCil, we’re not just all about expressing knowledge. We’re very passionate about learning as well, especially when our students become our teachers. 

For a more comprehensive look on the topic areas we cover, see below. 

1) Home Decor

This department covers all things home decoration: from interior to exterior.

By reading through our Home Decor category, you’ll learn the latest trends in space decoration from cushions to curtains, and also learn the skills you need to transition your living spaces into more aesthetically appealing ones.

2) Home Improvement

Home Improvement covers areas like renovation, DIY Construction & Repair and also Installation of home related products. 

3) Cleaning & Organizing

Learn how to clean your fabrics, shoes, dishes, furnitures, jewelries and possessions, equipment and items, accessories and spaces.

In “Organization” you’ll learn how to organize your living spaces to make the best use of them. 

4) Buyer’s Guide

Confused about what to buy among a sea of many variations? Need a recommendation? Or looking for tips on how to shop the best products at affordable prices? 

Our “Buyer’s Guide” category is there to help. We post helpful guides that’ll make your spending efficient and exciting, and your wallet and household would thank you for that.

Editorial Process

At CleanCil, we treat every piece of article like a product. The better the quality, the more visitors we get from search engines and the greater our chances for retaining readers that visit the page.  

All articles published on the blog must pass through a three layer editing process before they can surface. And importantly, all articles are written by professionals or those who have first hand knowledge on the topic areas they write on, as well as in essay writing. 

So you can be sure you’re getting nothing short of HIGH QUALITY information and advice from our platform. 

The three layer editing process cuts out factual inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes, and redundancy of words that make reading extremely arduous and boring to readers. 


We’re more than happy to announce that every single person, no matter the corners of the earth they inhabit, is highly welcome to access and utilize our contents freely (under the duly stated Privacy Policy as well as Terms and Conditions), so long they have a mobile station and a working internet connection. 

We’re open to all races, religion, gender and cultures as we frown strenly towards inequality and all sorts of discrimination. 

We thrive to promote equity and indiscrimination through eliminations of bias and unnecessarily provocative inclusions in our contents. We also manage that goal through our overall management and administration affairs and as an organization. 

As the famous saying goes:

United we stand, divided we fall


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