Can You Put Laundry Sanitizer In The Bleach Dispenser?

Most modern washing machines come with different drawers to accommodate different laundry products. Each one of these compartments is meant to hold a specific type of product, and whether or not you can interchange products between the drawers actually depends on the type of product in question.

In this article, we look into the matter of whether or not you can use a laundry sanitizer in the bleach dispenser.

A laundry sanitizer is meant to be dispensed during the rinse cycle of a laundry, as a result it cannot be used in the bleach dispenser where the contents are released during the wash cycle. The only compartment that can accommodate laundry sanitizer is the fabric softener dispenser which also releases its contents during the rinse cycle.

When using the fabric softener compartment, you would have your laundry sanitizer released when it is supposed to be released and therefore it will be able to perform its function of sanitizing well.

Below we discuss more on using laundry sanitizers in the fabric softener dispenser, and also list out some of the products you should avoid using in your bleach dispenser as well as fabric softener dispenser.

How to add laundry sanitizer to your laundry

There are two ways you can sanitize your laundry using a laundry sanitizer. The first is to add the laundry sanitizer directly into the washing items during the rinse cycle, and secondly is to use the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine as a liquid sanitizer dispenser. 

The reason why you are able to use the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine is because both fabric softeners and liquid sanitizers operate in the rinse cycle of your laundry, so they get dispensed at the appropriate period they’re supposed to be dispensed.

Adding a laundry sanitizer into the fabric softener dispenser is very simple, fill it up to the max line and never above, or, read the care label on the product and it should have instructions that guide you on how to add the sanitizer to the softener compartment. 

Following the product label is the best bet, and it will ensure that you’re not using too much liquid sanitizer or too little. If you’re going to be adding the liquid sanitizer directly to your washing items, do so during the rinse cycle. Add the appropriate amount, and in the appropriate way as suggested by the product label.

What to avoid putting in the fabric softener dispenser

Because the fabric softener compartment is designed to release whatever it contains during the rinse cycle of laundry, it is always advisable to avoid putting washing products that would normally be used during a normal wash cycle. This will ensure that nothing is going out when it’s not supposed to and your laundry turns out smoothly.

Because of this, you want to avoid putting laundry products like bleach, detergents, stain remover, water softeners, pre-soak agents etc. in the fabrics softener compartment. 

In the fabric softener dispenser also, you want to check with the owner’s manual of your washer to ensure you’re putting in the right form of product into it, meaning that you’re either using liquid or solid or both as adviced, and you’re not going against any instructions.

What to avoid putting in the bleach dispenser of your washing machine

Bleach is normally dispensed into your laundry during the wash cycle, because that is where it’s effects are needed, not after a rinse, and because some manufacturers might require the use of diluted or undiluted bleach in their dispenser, you want to make sure that the only thing you’re putting in the bleach dispenser is actually bleach, especially when the bleach in question is chlorine bleach. 

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Avoid items like fabric softeners and liquid sanitizers because they may be dispensed prior to when they are needed. Stick with putting detergent in their respective box and avoid putting them in the bleach compartment. If there’s a dispenser purposely made for bleach in your washer, then there’s no way you wont have one carved out for detergents! 

A special warning goes against putting vinegar in the bleach dispenser. These two products should never be combined together as the result is a potentially lethal gas called chlorine gas that is very dangerous to human health. (Chlorine gas was actually one of the ordnance used during world war I to combat enemies — this should communicate to you how lethal of a gas it is). 

Whatever you do with vinegar in the laundry, either to brighten your whites or make your garment softer, do not combine it with bleach ever!

What to put and avoid putting in the detergent dispenser?

The best advice would be to always stick with the suggested products in the various sections of the detergent drawer of your washer, and in the appropriate forms (either tablet, capsule or liquid) that the washer manufacturer recommends. 

Avoid using the different sections interchangeably because different products have different modes and conditions of working, and each section is designed to work with a single individual product.

So in the detergent section, always put a laundry detergent in there in the appropriate form that is suggested by the manufacturer, for example either liquid , powdered or pack. If you’re not specifically sure what kind of detergent you should be using in your detergent section, consult your owners manual for that.

For pre-wash products like stain removers and starch, there’s typically a section provided for them right next to the detergent section, and you should make use of that whenever you’re planning to use a pre-wash product.

In some washing machines however you’ll find that the sections of the detergent drawer can be used interchangeably for products like detergent, water softener, pre-soak agent and stain remover. Sometimes, you’ll find that you can even use the detergent dispenser to accommodate non-chlorine bleach or even put the two together for dispensing.

Always consult your owners manual for the right guidance. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a laundry sanitizer, always check for the appropriate drawer or section on your washing machine and put it in there, avoid using liquid laundry sanitizer in the bleach dispenser because it will not be given a chance to perform its function. If you must use a different drawer, then the fabric softener drawer is always your best bet