Can You Use Woolite Dark On Light Clothes?

Woolite is a brand of detergent initiated in the 1950’s. It first started with a gentle hand washing detergent for cleaning delicate materials like silk and wool. 

Later on, with advancement in technology and positive results in business growth, Woolite introduced varieties of products targeted at specific types of cleaning at home, and part of the inventions was Woolite Dark. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Woolite darks, and then after that, we’ll move swiftly into the discussion of whether or not they can be used on light clothes. 

What is Woolite Dark?

Woolite dark is a product from the Woolite brand that claims to preserve the intensity of dark colored clothes for some time, meaning your jeans would look exactly the same way you bought them for an extended period of time. 

It does this through careful formulation of chemicals that ensures colors do not fade with successive wash, and also that fibers do not get destroyed!

With woolite darks, as claimed by the company, you’re basically getting the perfect cleaning for your darks in the gentlest way possible! 

Woolite dark is great for fabrics that are of the following dye groups: black, dark green, brown, navy, blue and indigo — like you find in raw denim jeans. 

Do not use woolite dark on light clothes for example pink or white. It may cause them to look duller and duller with successive washes because the ingredients in it are meant to keep dark clothes dark, and not brighten them!

For washing lights, opt for other woolite products like the Woolite Everyday detergent that gives your clothes the right balance of cleaning and care.

Woolite darks can keep dark clothes dark for up to 30 days!

Wooltie actually stated on their brand website, that the “dark” line of their detergent is able to clean and preserve the intensity of darks for as long as 30 days. And that’s good news for those of us that are afraid of garments fading even before we’re able to make any impressive statement with them. 

One good thing about woolite dark, is that it is safe to use in high-efficiency washing machines, and it’s also very gentle on the skin.

What of woolite delicates?

Woolite delicates is a liquid detergent meant to clean and care for delicate fabrics like silk, wool, polyester, satin and cashmere. 

These are all fabrics that can fade, shrink and even distort in the washer under the influence of heavy duty detergents. So they are recommended to be washed usi my  “Woolite delicates”.

What does woolite everyday with fiber flex do?

Woolite everyday with fiber flex is marketed to solve the problem of color loss in colored clothes as well as to protect and preserve the way new clothes fit on our body. 

Depending on the market you are in, Woolite everyday may or may not be available.

What does woolite everyday do?

Woolite everyday is a detergent that focuses on preventing stretching, shrinking and fading of your normal everyday wears.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using Woolite darks on white clothes, the bottom line is to avoid succumbing to such practice. 

The thing is that it can cause discoloration, and aside from that, it can also cause clothes to adopt a duller version of themselves, and the reason is no brainer actually. 

Any formulation meant to keep dark clothes dark will surely never make lighter clothes light! It can only maintain their colors or make them duller or darker! 

When it comes to woolite products for washing lighter clothes, you can use the woolite everyday or woolite everyday flex or even woolite delicates which have formulations that best suit the very nature of lights and can offer additional properties like protection from shrinkage, fading and even discoloration or fabrics.