How to Clean Outside Windows from Inside

Commitment to the upkeep of your home involves more than just what meets the eye. 

It’s not all about sleek marble kitchen countertops or those plush Persian rugs in the living room. 

The real gamechanger? 

Clean, sparkling windows. 

Now, we hear you saying – cleaning the exterior part of windows is no easy feat, especially when they are stationed high up or lodged in hard-to-reach corners. 

Fear not! 

We’re here to guide you right through it.

Hold tight as we show you the secrets to achieving spotless outdoor-facing windows without ever stepping foot outdoors. 

With the aid of some simple tools and techniques, we’ll show you how to restore your windows’ crystal clear transparency without breaking a sweat – all from within your cozy interior.

How to Clean Outside Of Windows You Can’t Reach (from Inside)

Most folks shudder at the idea of cleaning outside windows, especially for apartments or houses with multiple floors. 

The potential hassle, not to mention the risk, is enough to make anyone want to close their blinds and forget about it. 

But there are simpler, and safer ways to get this chore done without having to step outside.

Use A Magnetic Window Cleaner (Glider)

A magnetic window cleaner (or glider) is an ingenious tool designed with two parts that stick together on each side of the window using powerful magnets. 

It’s no ordinary cleaner – equipped with microfiber cloths, this device ensures you’re effectively cleaning both sides of your window simultaneously.

How to use a magnetic window cleaner?

The beauty of this tool lies in its simplicity. 

Simply spray both inside and outside of your windows with a cleaning solution. Make sure the spray is a powerful spray so that it can reach all corners of the outside window.

Position the magnetic sections on each side of the glass and gently glide them across your windows surface.

As you move one part inside, its partner follows suit from the outside. 

With slow and steady movements, you’ll start to see more than just your reflection in your crystal-clear windows.

When you’re done cleaning, attach a microfiber cloth between the glider on each side, to wipe everything clean.

Safety issues? None that we know of! 

This clever tool keeps you safely inside while providing all the benefits of outdoor window cleaning. It’s like having your cake and eating it too; a rare finding in household hygiene tasks.

Extend Your Reach

Another approach that can work quite effectively is stretching out your arms and making use of your reach. 

This method requires someone with longer arms or using a tool with an extended handle. 

The first step is selecting the right cleaning tools. 

A microfiber cloth is an excellent choice for applying the cleaning solution to the glass, as it helps avoid leaving streaks or lint on the surface. 

For a homemade cleaning solution, mix equal parts water and vinegar or water and dish soap.

Using a quality squeegee with a rubber blade will make wiping off the solution easier, giving your windows that sought-after sparkling finish. 

However, there could be some constraints when trying to clean outside portions of innermost sliding windows. 

Achieving complete access to these areas requires shut close of windows which makes them inaccessible for cleaning from inside.

To remedy this situation, consider removing the window (from inside) its frame for a thorough clean. 

This will enable you to conveniently clean both sides of the window without leaving your home’s interior. 

Exercise caution during this process to prevent any damage to either window or frame upon removal and reinstallation.

Use The Tilt Feature

You see, some windows come with a tilt feature that allows them to open inwards, providing you with easier access to the exterior surface from inside your home.

This unique feature opens up a world of convenience, as now you can effortlessly clean the outside of your window without stepping foot outdoors or climbing onto precarious ladders. 

To kick start the process, you would need your trusty cleaning solution and a rag – simple tools for a seemingly complex task.

Once armed with these cleaning essentials, it’s time to tackle the dirt and grime that’s found its way onto your window frame and sill. 

Apply the cleaning solution generously and then use the rag to wipe away the unsightly mess. 

Ensure you follow a uniform direction while cleaning each window – maintaining consistency in action leads to consistency in results.

Hand The Baton Over To A Professional

You can consider hiring a professional window cleaner, particularly if your windows are hard-to-reach or if you feel that this task is beyond your DIY capacity. 

These experts come armed with all the necessary equipment and have loads of experience under their tool belts to carry out this task safely and effectively.