how to dry duvet without a dryer

How To Dry A Duvet Without A Dryer

Don’t have a dryer at home? Or the one you have is too small for the bulk of the duvet you want to wash? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with three alternatives you can use to dry duvet without the dryer. 

Air dry it

When you don’t have a dryer at home or the dryer you have is a bit smaller than your duvet, you can always resort back to air drying. 

It’s not shunned at, but it’s not recommended, because air drying promotes drying of the fillings inside of the duvet into clumps, and sometimes ones that retain little moisture in them which can mildew. And this reduces the loft of the duvet overtime.

If you’re however faced with a situation where you do not have a dryer, feel free to give air drying a chance, bearing in mind the problems discussed above. 

When you air dry the duvet, make sure to do so using a clothesline and to lay it out wide. Make sure to use a shaded area and avoid putting it directly under the sunlight. The next thing you want to do is to use a badminton racket or something with a spread surface (or even your hands) to fluff up the fillings inside so as to promote drying and loft. 

Take it to the Laundromat if you don’t have a dryer

Another option you have is to take the duvet to the laundromat. You don’t want to wash it at home and then take the wet mass to the laundromat, that’s stressful and unnecessary! 

Rather, take the dirty duvet to the laundromat and clean it there. When you’re washing using your nearest laundromat, follow the exact same procedures outlined for washing duvet at home using the washing machine. 

You can find that guide here@@. Before you do anything however, make sure to check the laundromats machine to ensure there aren’t any components in them that can cause harm to your duvet, for instance fabric softeners or even chlorine bleach. 

Take the duvet for dry cleaning

Instead of the laundromat, you can also take your duvet to the dry cleaner. The dry cleaners do a really good job of removing stains on your duvet, and not only that, they clean them really well and freshen them up. Your duvet will come back to you fluffy and lofty.

Why machine drying beats hand drying anytime

Having discussed the alternatives to machine drying a duvet, with specific mention of air drying, it’s important to point out that machine drying will always have the edge over the latter. 

When you machine dry the duvet, you combine heat and motion which does a better job at drying the duvet than air drying. This is because the filling in the duvet is separated and set to motion which promotes moisture removal. 

Air drying on the other hand, relies only on one of these factors, which is dry heat. Thus, for times when your duvet is rough handled in the washer and the fillings are clumped together, you can run into a cake of a duvet after air drying it. 

How to keep your duvet fluffed up?

There’s one secret to keeping a duvet fluffed up. That secret is to always make sure you fluff up the duvet whenever you sleep with it. This would keep the filling separated which will promote loft.

If you washed the duvet also, make sure to use the dryer and if air drying, use a racket to declump fillings that may have clumps in the washer. 

How to prevent washing your duvet?

If you want to avoid washing your duvet occasionally, this is what you should do. 

First, make sure you treat stains as they form. If you treat stains as they form, then you wouldn’t have set-in stains on the duvet that can cause it to lose freshness faster and also require washing. 

Also, whenever you use a duvet with the cover, make sure to remove the cover the morning after to allow the insert to properly dry out any moisture that may have collected overnight. It’s this moisture that can cause a smell in your duvet. 

Another thing to make sure you’re doing is to always use a duvet cover with the insert which will stand in between the duvet insert and the stains and sweat that come out from your body. If you do not have a duvet cover, or are not willing to invest in one, you can always use a flat sheet with the duvet for that purpose.

Final Thoughts

There are several options when it comes to drying a duvet without a dryer, although the dryer will always remain the best way to dry the duvet  because it combines heat and motion which is the best way to remove moisture from items having fillings inside of them. To dry a duvet without the dryer, air dry it, use the dryer at the Laundromat, or employ the services of the drycleaners.