Why Is Fels Naptha So Expensive?

If ever there was an old faithful in the laundry world, it would be Fels Naptha. 

This particular laundry bar soap, which boasts a rich heritage dating back more than a century and a half, is revered for its impressive ability to eradicate stubborn stains. 

It has attractively positioned itself as a favorite in many households with laundry enthusiasts swearing by it. 

However, there’s been a noticeable price surge recently — seeing Fels Naptha bar hit the unprecedented $2 mark per piece in some stores.

But what exactly are the driving factors behind this sudden uptick?

In this discussion, we unravel the mystery behind Fels Naptha’s sudden increase in pricing. 

Additionally, we’ll explore two noteworthy alternatives to this classic laundry essential that could potentially give you that exceptional cleaning experience of Fels Naptha.

Why Did Fels Naptha Get So Expensive?

It’s a question we’ve seen popping up in numerous households: why has Fels-Naptha laundry soap suddenly become so expensive? 

The answer lies in the change of ownership. 

Summit Brands, the company that now owns Fels-Naptha, decided to take on a different pricing strategy, probably due to cost of raw materials, particularly oil, which is a byproduct of petroleum refining — the latter, petroleum, which has been seeing a lot of volatility in its pricing in recent years. 

While it was once a product under Henkel, Fels-Naptha has rebranded itself and is no longer playing by the same rules!

In fact, it’s not only sporting a new price tag but also enjoys a new spot in the laundry aisle – it’s now part of the Zout Stain Remover line-up.

A quick recap for those unacquainted with the product: Fels-Naptha is a bar soap lauded for its tough stain-removing qualities. It’s been around for over 100 years, so it’s safe to say it boasts quite the heritage.

Since Acquisition, Has The Formula For Fels Naptha Changed?

I know you probably fear that the quality of your favorite product might suffer greatly since it had recently changed hands. 

You’ll be relieved to find out, however, that nothing about Fels Naptha’s potent and reliable formula has changed.

Just the price alone! That’s it. 

Your fav bar soap is still crafted with that same brilliant formula, carrying its year-long legacy forward. 

So you can continue relying on it to eliminate those pesky grease marks on your favourite shirt or stubborn oil patch on your work pants.


As with any product – if you’re concerned about potential allergens or skin sensitivities, always check the ingredients list before use. 

Why Does Fels-Naptha Smell Differently?

For long-term users of this famed laundry bar, even the slightest shift in fragrance might signal something’s amiss. 

But, before the panic buttons are hit, let’s delve into the reason behind this olfactory conundrum.

Fels Naptha, over its extensive history, has developed a unique scent; an identity that remains synonymous with cleanliness and purity. 

Yet, some users have recently reported a subtle difference in its aroma. 

Are they wrong? Or has the classic fragrance indeed undergone a transformation?

According to the brand’s new custodians, the traditional Fels Naptha fragrance still stands strong. 

However, it may experience fluctuations in intensity due to varied factors inherent to manufacturing dynamics. 

The process responsible for producing these iconic soap bars is sophisticated and intricate, making minor scent variations inevitable.

So rest assured – while the aroma might seem slightly different at times, it’s still the same familiar fragrance of Fels Naptha we’ve all grown to love and trust. 

It’s simply taking you on a slightly varied aromatic journey due to changes in production nuances.

What Is An Alternative To Fels Naptha Soap?

Well, it’s not everyone that knows there are equally efficient alternatives to Fels Naptha soap available. 

Let’s delve into a couple of these options.

The first one on our list is Zote, a widely used Mexican brand laundry soap. 

Infused with coconut oil and tallow, Zote not only effectively cleans your clothes but also leaves behind a subtle fragrance. 

It is versatile and can be used for both machine and hand-washing clothes

With an affordable price tag of just around 1.65 bucks for a 14.1-ounce pack, it’s certainly a bargain worth considering.

Another commendable alternative is Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap, which stands out for its all-natural formulation made from fruit or vegetable oils, primarily olive and coconut. 

This soap does more than just laundry; it extends its cleaning abilities to body care and household cleansing tasks making it a multifaceted cleaner fit for various needs. 

The different scents available provide an added layer of freshness to your laundering and cleaning routine. 

Though slightly more expensive at roughly 3.19 bucks per 2oz product, the versatility that Dr.Bronner’s brings to the table may very well justify the added cost.